Unico Underwear

Unico offers a wide variety of men's underwear, including briefs and boxers. Rather than sticking to the same style and color of underwear that they have purchased for years, guys can add some variety to their collections with the pieces available from Unico. In addition to the solid designs that the company offers, they also have stripes and other patterns.

Designs of Men's Underwear Available from Unico

Those who are searching for classic underwear may consider the proactive boxer from Unico. The boxer is constructed primarily from mesh material, with a cotton pouch to provide ample support. The unique combination is ideal for men who will be participating in sports or other athletic activities. Unico also offers two other styles of underwear that are made with mesh. Men can choose briefs or boxers that feature a solid waistband. These are available in a number of colors, including turquoise, red and yellow. In addition to underwear that is available in solid colors, Unico offers a selection of underwear that features both horizontal and vertical stripes. Those looking for a bit more character in their underwear may consider the Alaska boxer, which features waves in different shades of gray. The company also offers the Formula One boxer that is styled after racing's signature checkered flag.

At Nuwear, men looking for underwear will find many exciting styles.

In addition to boxers and briefs, the online store carries jockstraps, thongs, and other pieces of specialty underwear for any occasion.

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