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At Nuwear, we spare no expense when it comes to quality menís underwear. We recognize all men wear underwear, and we know some men are more particular than others. While some seek a standard set of briefs, others want something altogether different. Variation in individual taste is not unusual. At Nuwear, our focus is to satisfy our customersí expectations. This means we need to accommodate a wide range of tastes. For this reason, youíll find we offer a wide variety of styles and designs.

Men's Underwear Styles and Designs

We donít stop at just offering underwear. We look to see what defines underwear. Underwear doesnít mean simply boxers or briefs. Underwear includes garments worn against the skin, typically beneath the clothes. Sometimes our underwear can be worn as a swimming garment or comfortwear around the house. Other times it may be worn as a prelude to something more sensual and exciting.

The top selections from our underwear offerings include briefs, boxers, G-string, thongs, and even socks. In these sections, youíll find quality garments from designers like Andrew Christian, CandyMan, Diesel, DMK, Intymen, Male Power, and many more. These areas offer a wide variety of garments. For those seeking a traditional set of briefs, we have dozens to choose from in a wide range of colors and designs. Our collection of G-strings and thongs is truly impressive. From conventional to the outrageous, itís all there. Our selection of socks comfortably matches many of our underwear. Nuwear has compiled some of the Webís best product selections, and we feature them in one convenient collection.

Our collection extends past conventional garments and into more exotic items, such as jockstraps and shapewear. Our jockstraps are much different than you may have worn in gym class years ago. Take a look at what we offer, and we think youíll be impressed. Our shapewear is designed to emphasize your physical form. It hugs your skin and accentuates your bodyís contours.

And for those who are playful at heart, we havenít forgotten about you. We offer a number of different costumes, some replete with a cape or suspenders.

We have given careful thought to our underwear collection and hope youíll take the time to peruse our products. Keep in mind, our products can be mixed and matched with other products in different garment categories, so when shopping for one item, remember that it can often be enhanced with another item elsewhere on our website. Have fun exploring everything we carry. At Nuwear, we care about what you wear.