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Thongs are not just for women. Many are not aware of it, but in indigenous cultures, men have historically been the primary wearers of thongs for thousands of years. The earliest incarnation of the thong was the loincloth. In our modern industrial age, men are now catching up to this historical garment. At Nuwear, we're aware of current styles and strive to offer the latest fashionable undergarments for men. That is why we've brought together one of the Web's best collection of men's thongs for everyday use.

Men's Thong Styles and Designs

The thong is traditionally designed similar to a bikini. The front features a tightly cropped crotch that covers a man's parts. A thin material wraps around the waist and extends between the buttocks, providing full exposure of the rear. Rear styles are either a thin strap or G-string. Men's thongs are the most sensual and free undergarment in a man's wardrobe. They provide exposure of the entire male body, with the exception of the most intimate areas. Some styles provide exposure even for these areas.

Our collection of men's thongs is highly diverse. We offer 15 brands and over 60 designs with styles that range from solid colors, complex patterns, innovative designs, and numerous textile combinations.

When deciding which style is best for you, one if the best ways to start is to look at exposure. Some manufacturer's, such as Bumgear, Clever, Doreanse, and Intymen, offer thongs with solid fabrics that provide full coverage of a man's intimate areas. These designers use a creative mix of colors and designs that are eye catching and stylish. For those seeking a more intimate style, we offer more revealing male thongs that show more of what you have to offer. DMK, Gegg Homme, Male Power, N2N, Good Devil, and MaleBasics offer mesh male thongs that are exciting and sensual. And for the more adventurous, Candyman and Male Power offer some of the most erotic designs, complete with leather studs and waist straps. Taking it one step further, Gregg Homme actually offers a kilt thong, which borrows heavily from its historical roots, the loin cloth.

Browse our selection, and choose a collection of male thongs to round out your wardrobe. The filters on the left side of your screen will help you narrow your selection. Undergarments add comfort and confidence to your everyday life. Why not treat yourself and that special someone to something unique.
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