Steven Underwear

Steven provides men with a large selection of underwear if they want to add some different looks to their wardrobes. The company offers both briefs and boxers that provide men with the coverage that they want in underwear while maintaining the philosophy that it's not just women who like to have sexy options. From bikini briefs to boxers, men can find the styles from Steven that work with any outfit--or as the main attraction.

A Variety of Underwear Styles from Steven

Men who are comfortable in briefs and like the amount of support that they provide will find numerous designs from Steven. The Classico brief offers ample room, ensuring that men do not feel as though they are restricted over the course of the day. Those who want underwear that does a better job of flattering the body may opt for the pouch or bikini briefs available from Steven. While some are more at ease in briefs, others may prefer the amount of coverage offered by boxer shorts. Short boxers, like the Square Print and Classic Blue, come down to the middle of the thigh. Whichever style men prefer, they will find that the underwear designs available from Steven include vivid colors and patterns.

Unlike long boxers from Steven, the short boxers can create the illusion of a longer body.

In addition to the array of boxers and briefs from Steven, customers at Nuwear can also find t-shirts and other apparel. Visitors of the online store will find underwear, as well as athletic and lounging apparel, from more than 20 different fashion brands.

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