Sports Jockstraps

Sports jockstraps are one piece of sporting equipment you can't afford to be without when you're planning on playing sports. No matter if it's basketball, football or even just going for a run these supportive undergarments make movement and sport more comfortable and safer for every man out there. 

What is a Jock Strap?
Don't be embarrassed if you don't know. Understanding what a sports jockstrap does will help you find one that works better for you. In general, a sports jockstrap is a supportive brace worn under the pants or shorts during athletic activity. It has a pouch area meant to securely hold the male genitalia in place. Two elastic bands will wrap around the upper thigh in order to hold the strap in place. Some straps will have an additional pocket in the pouch area in order to hold a hard plastic cup device. This device provides an extra shell of protection against impact to the testicle and penis area. When shopping for your sports jockstrap, you will want to look for an appropriate sized waistband and pouch area. Choosing one that is too large will result in inadequate protection. Choosing one that is too small will result in painful wear and constriction during movement. 

Why NuWear?
Nuwear ha a large selection of sports jockstraps to choose from. The reality is that jockstraps are not the same devices they were when your dad or grandpa were forced to wear them in high school. Today's sports jockstraps are made to be supportive as well as comfortable. NuWear promises a quality sports jockstrap that leaves you feeling secured and ready to tackle your sport with confidence. You'll find photos of each strap available for purchase on a model so that you can have an idea of style differences between each model. In addition, NuWear has a simple no questions asked return policy that takes confusion out of shopping for this item. As long as your sports jockstrap is unworn and in original packaging we are happy to take it back and issue you a full refund or store credit for one calendar year. No questions asked.
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