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Shapewear emphasizes the body's contours. It punctuates the very essence of your physical construct. It makes a visual statement about you, without you saying anything at all. In some cases, it provides an assist where assistance is needed. In all cases, it offers personalized presentation and flattering emphasis. Our shapewear collection takes into account what we feel our customers appreciate. We offer a selection of items that specially enhance what you're about. Our shapewear items take the best aspect of what you have to offer, and present them in style.

Men's Shapewear Styles and Designs

Here you will find offerings from five designers: Andrew Christian, Intymen, Joe Snyder, Kmando, and Spanx. Many of these designers are featured elsewhere on our website, and we encourage you to explore each of their other products. You will find excellent possibilities to mix and match clothing in a way that creates a unique and custom wardrobe that's all your own. Our shapewear collection features shirts, pants, and anatomical pouches and straps designed to comfortably hug the very essence of your manhood.

Spanx has created a superb set of crew neck and V-neck shapewear compression shirts that abandon the traditional t-shirt concept. Spanx' compression shirts work with your body to provide a comfortable outer skin that literally becomes you from shoulder to waist. Made of a bright white cotton and Spandex blend, their compression shirts will make your body pop.

Andrew Christian and Intyman bring you two brief designs that provide both support and comfort. Andrew Christian's Active Slim briefs feature their Flashback technology that lifts and supports the buttocks for a full and toned appearance. The elastic waistband provides extra support that aids in posture and reduces the appearance of extra weight. Intyman offers two different style briefs, one that provides a pouch enhancer and the other that provides pouch padding.

Kmando has designed a strapless crotch support that comfortably holds your manly goods like no other product. Made of soft and flexible textiles, this unique product is truly one-of-a-kind. Joe Snyder offers a different twist with their strapped Man-Up support waistband that straps your package in a free and unrestricted way.

At Nuwear, we look for uncommon, off-the-hook designs that expand your wardrobe, and communicate to the world what you're all about. Browse our unique selection. We're confidence you'll enjoy what we have to offer and appreciate how we assist you to show off your body the best way possible.
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