Rufskin Underwear

Rufksin, a men's underwear company based in Brazil, brings innovative and sexy styles to the market that are perfect for men who are tired of dull underwear designs. Rufskin offers a number of underwear styles, including jockstraps, briefs, boxer briefs, and bikinis. All of the styles available from Rufskin demonstrate the company's keen understanding of the male form.

Each piece of clothing from Rufskin is designed to accentuate the body and draw attention to a guy's favorite features.

Provocative Underwear Designs from Rufskin

Men who want to show off their bodies but retain some mystery as they get undressed may consider the mesh styles of underwear available from Rufskin. The Chip brief underwear, for example, features fine mesh side panels with a pouch that will still leave something to the imagination. The West mesh boxer briefs and the Andy low-rise briefs use a coarser mesh on the sides and back for those who want to tempt their partners a little bit more. Rufskin also has a selection of underwear that is constructed from solid blends of cotton and spandex. While these do not have transparent areas, they are just as alluring with a low waistband and snug fit around the waist.

In addition to the underwear styles available, customers at Nuwear will also find jeans, swimwear and tops from Rufskin. The online store provides an extensive selection of athletic apparel, underwear, and swimwear from more than 20 designer brands, including Pulse, Gigo, Ginch Gonch and Jockey.

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