Pulse Swimwear

Pulse offers a large selection of swimwear and underwear for men who want to emphasize a well-developed physique. Among the Pulse underwear collection, men will find briefs and boxers that conform to the shape of the body. Not only do these designs provide them with the comfort that they will need throughout the day, whether they are exercising or conducting their regular business, but these pieces also provide men with style and support. The swimwear available from Pulse conveys these same benefits and is sure to catch every eye at the beach or pool.

Swimwear Designs Available from Pulse

The swimwear available from Pulse bears a strong resemblance to the company's collection of underwear. Among the swimwear, men will find Simi Sheer trunks. Unlike baggy swimwear, these trunks do not cover much of the leg and sit low on the waist, revealing a considerable amount of skin. This style of swimwear from Pulse features contrasting colors like navy and green, with detailing that includes contrast stitching and sheer side panels. The drawstring closure ensures that the swimwear will remain in place, whether the wearer is rolling around in the sand, surfing or swimming.

Men who like the revealing nature of Pulse swimwear will find similar styles of underwear, including low-rise hip boxers and mesh underwear.

In addition to the swimwear available from Pulse, Nuwear carries a wide variety of swimwear from other men's fashion designers. Men, or their partners, can choose among styles such as board shorts, swim bikinis and swim thongs, depending on the styles they are comfortable in and how much of their bodies they want to show off.

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