Priape Wear

Men who are searching for underwear, swimwear and tops that can make them look their best will find a number of designs from Priape Wear that may appeal to them. Unlike some designers that use muted tones, Priape Wear employs a range of vibrant colors including bright greens, blues and reds.

The clothing available from Priape Wear is perfect for a workout in the gym or a day at the beach, as well as for lounging around the house or working up a sweat at a club.

Apparel Available from Priape Wear

The clothing available from Priape Wear lets men make statements with their fashions. Guys who are hoping to invite someone home to spend the night may choose the tight-fitting I Want Your Sex tank top, letting everyone know what is on their minds. Others who do not want to proclaim their intentions to everyone may opt for the alluring underwear styles available from Priape Wear. Men can choose among sexy bikinis, revealing briefs and thongs. Anyone lucky enough to see them will know what the wearer is thinking, while the general public won't suspect a thing. Priape Wear also offers swimwear with a tight fit that can enhance men's endowments.

With the wide variety of apparel from Priape Wear that is available at Nuwear, men can find the clothing they will need for a number of occasions. In addition to maintaining an inventory of pieces from Priape Wear, the store has a large selection from designers such as Andrew Christian, Jockey, N2N Bodywear and more, all of which are chosen specifically to appeal to fashionable and sexy men.

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