Priape Underwear

Priape Wear offers a wide variety of men's apparel, from tees and muscle shirts to swimwear and underwear. Men who are tired of wearing plain old underwear like gray or white briefs will find a number of new styles and colors, giving them the opportunity to inject variety into the assortment of underwear they have. Some of the underwear styles available from Priape Wear are designed to be revealing and seductive, while others add a vibrant touch to otherwise-conservative designs.

Underwear Styles Available from Priape Wear

Whether men are trying to show off their physiques in the bedroom or simply looking for something fun to wear, there is a number of designs from Priape Wear that they may find appealing.

The Adonis thong and the Itcha brief both offer a sexy look, concealing as little as possible. These styles and many other pieces of underwear from Priape Wear are constructed primarily from microfiber, ensuring that they are soft and breathable so that men can remain comfortable throughout the day. Priape Wear also offers low-cut underwear, including briefs and sling briefs.

Brief designs like the Rick and Pipeline from Priape Wear let men ditch their staid white underwear and choose styles with rich and vibrant colors.

In addition to a large selection of underwear from Priape Wear, Nuwear carries underwear styles ranging from boxer shorts to G-strings from other specialty designers. At the online store, customers can find more than 20 different brands of men's accessories, underwear, swimwear and athletic apparel.

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