N2N Bodywear

N2N Bodywear offers a wide selection of underwear and swimwear that is designed to flatter men by offering the best possible fit. N2N (short for "Next to Nothing") Bodywear provides men with a number of options, from revealing thongs and G-strings to trunks and briefs that hug the body, letting a man's definition show through the material. In addition to providing apparel that will turn on a partner in the bedroom, the clothing from N2N is also well suited for wearing to the gym or a club.

Apparel from N2N Bodywear

While N2N Bodywear provides a large selection of underwear and swimwear for men, it also offers other pieces of apparel. The Trainer tank top and hoodie are available in three different colors. Both are constructed from 100-percent cotton and are lightweight, making them ideal for use indoors or outdoors. During the warmer months, the Sport Mesh tank from N2N Bodywear may be more comfortable. N2N Bodywear also offers a selection of shorts and pants. For some activities and seasons, the sweatpants may be the best choice. For other activities, such as cycling, men may choose among the selection of shorts, including biking shorts and training shorts.

N2N Bodywear offers shorts and pants that match the shirts and tank tops available from the company.

In addition to a large selection of apparel from N2N Bodywear, customers at Nuwear will find athletic apparel, swimwear and underwear from a number of designers like California Muscle, Gigo and Elite. The online store also maintains a selection of accessories for men, including jewelry, bags and skincare products.

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