Mens Underwear

Get playful and let your imagination run wild with stylish, daring men's underwear and intimate apparel. Even if male G-strings or thongs aren't your thing, tried-and-true standbys like boxer shorts are available in lively colors, patterns and prints.

Selecting men's underwear that will optimally enhance your nether regions depends on your personal preferences and your physical attributes. Particularly well-endowed men can isolate their goods with jockstrap-style underwear or bikini briefs, which are available in a variety of provocative cuts. Form-fitting men's underwear styles like boxer briefs offer a more conservative look that's still sensual, augmenting the appearance of the legs and buttocks while hugging the bulge in the front.

Explore Exotic Men's Underwear Fabrics

For guys who prefer garments fashioned from natural fabrics, silk is a popular option, but those more willing to experiment often migrate towards nylon blends that are both soft and stretchy. Elastane and spandex are two common synthetic fabrics that are combined with nylon to achieve both a look and feel that's entirely unique.

The Nuwear men's underwear and swim store carries a complete selection of both classic and daring garments and intimate apparel products, including offerings from dozens of the world's top designers. Guys can also get excellent deals on muscle shirts, tank tops, lounge wear, body suits and a wide range of other form-enhancing clothing and accessories.

While cotton is very breathable and pleasant to the touch, many designers offer garments made of other natural or synthetic fabrics that have more gloss, shine and elasticity.

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