Mens Trunks

Men's swim trunks come in a world of styles, from the classic and conservative to the suggestive and outrageous. They come in six basic styles, each of which offers a different type of fit and amount of coverage.

Choose Your Style of Men's Trunks

Men who prefer conservative styles tend to go for board shorts, midcut or square-cut trunks. Board shorts feature long legs and a loose fit to give your legs plenty of mobility. Midcut trunks hug your crotch and rear much closer, yet offer plenty of protection and coverage. Square-cut swimsuits have a sleek, sexy design that rises a little higher in the waist and extends a little further down the leg, but hugs your form to emphasize and enhance muscle definition.

Other men like to show off--and there are plenty of hot swimsuits available to help you do just that. Male swim bikinis leave you with little to hide, and swim briefs and swim thongs provide a similar style with slightly different flairs of design.

To get the best selection of men's trunks, you should shop at a specialty store whose primary focus is on stocking a comprehensive inventory of the hottest styles on the market.

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