Mens Thongs

Men's thongs help you look great with your pants on or off. Sewn from comfortable natural fabrics and luxurious synthetic fibers, men's thongs are as cozy as they are sexy.

Enjoy the Comfort of Men's Thongs

Some of the comfort advantages you'll find when you wear a men's thong include:

Designs that don't bunch up under your pants
Crotch-enhancing support
Easy wear under tight, form-fitting pants

Ideally combined with stylish lower-body outerwear, men's thongs come in a variety of styles. Choose from mesh G-strings, scandalously revealing sheer thongs or more modest designs that offer better frontal coverage. Men can select products that weave natural cotton fibers with synthetic blends, or choose polyester-based underwear that stretches and defines your body's contours.

To get the best selection of products, you should shop with specialized retailers. Department and clothing stores usually have limited underwear inventories, and guys are often forced to choose from an inferior collection of merchandise. If you want to be discreet about shopping for your unmentionables, you can take advantage of the huge selection of products offered at online apparel stores for guys.

Specialty underwear shops give you much better access to more brand names and deliver the hottest and trendiest fashions.

Nuwear offers guys who want to stir things up in their underwear drawers a world of sexy, risque products to choose from. Here, you'll find low prices on everything from bikini briefs and G-strings to fetish wear and classic standbys like boxer shorts and briefs.

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