Mens Swimwear

Whether you want to cover up or show it off, today's men's swimwear designers are all about giving you options. They've created a wide range of products to choose from, ranging from functional and modest trunks to tiny bathing suits that leave very little to the imagination. You can even buy men's swimwear that enhances the appearance of your crotch or reveals a surprise when it gets wet.

Find the Right Men's Swimwear for Your Tastes

If your tastes gravitate towards the conservative, you'll find plenty of stylish men's swimwear options that look good, emphasizing the definition in your legs and butt, but value functionality above all else. Stick with board shorts, trunks and midcut or square-cut suits if you'd rather garner attention for your tan or swimming ability than the gun between your legs.

Plenty of men enjoy swimwear that shows off as much as possible without breaking decency laws. If you like to flaunt your stuff, choose a racy male bikini or thong set--just make sure you bring enough suntan lotion for your butt, or it might burn in the sun. Shopping online is an excellent way to access large collections of men's swimwear, all in one place and all with a few easy clicks of your mouse.

Online retailers make it easy to shop discreetly and offer a better selection than the vast majority of stores.

Nuwear carries hundreds of brand-name swim and intimate apparel fashions for guys who know that style counts for a lot. Nuwear helps you look great on the beach and in the bedroom while saving you money with everyday low prices.

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