Mens Spandex Underwear

For stretchability and form-fitting definition, you can't beat men's Spandex underwear. Spandex was a revolutionary development in the fashion world when it was first introduced, and it's extensively used in designer men's underwear collections for its ability to make your crotch and butt look great while offering a trademark glossy shine and smooth finish.

Men's Spandex underwear can be stretched to as much as 500 percent of its original size and still retain its shape, so you'll never be able to ruin it no matter how happy you might be to see your partner.

It's also impervious to damage from lotions, oils and sweat--three things you'll be seeing plenty of once your partner gets a load of how your package looks in this smooth and supple fabric.

In addition to underwear, men can enjoy the signature Spandex look and feel in other items of clothing, including:

Bathing suits
Workout wear
Fetish clothing
Muscle shirts

These products are all lightweight, easy to care for, never have static coming out of the dryer and literally cannot be bent out of shape. They are a vital part of any complete collection of intimate apparel, and they're very affordable, even when you're on a budget.

Great Deals on Men's Spandex Underwear

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