Mens Pouch Underwear

Men's pouch underwear is specially designed to contain your package in a comfortable, dedicated flap of crotch material that provides lift as well as comfort. Available in low-rise, G-string, jockstrap and other hot styles, men's pouch underwear is a favorite item of adventurous guys everywhere.

Take a look at the California Muscle Stealth Thong, one of the hottest men's pouch underwear products on the market. This piece features tantalizingly scant (but complete) front coverage, a stretchable waistband and minimal fabric over the buttocks. It's sure to get the sparks flying in the bedroom.

The vast majority of men's pouch underwear is made from synthetic fabrics that tease the skin with their softness, yet provide long-lasting durability that doesn't fade in the wash and resists static coming out of the dryer. If you prefer the feel of natural fabrics, you can find products that blend cotton with just enough microfiber to add a pleasant stretch to the garment.

Guys with more conservative tastes who still like to spice things up can choose from a wide range of fitted boxer- and brief-style enhancement shorts, which offer a little more modesty along with appealing definition of your upper legs, buttocks and crotch.

Trusted brand names like JM, Go Softwear, N2N, Joe Snyder and many others offer these provocative, yet tasteful, products.

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