Mens Nylon Underwear

Men's nylon underwear is comfortable, durable and practical enough to wear daily while stylish enough to make things sizzle in the bedroom. It has unique stretchability that really makes your sensitive areas look as good as they can, while offering a lustrous, semi-lustrous or matte finish.

Enjoy the Features of Men's Nylon Underwear

Some of the advantages of men's nylon underwear include:

Ease of care
Form-fitting comfort
High elasticity
Resistance to moisture from oils and lotions

Available in a wide range of styles, men's nylon underwear can be made to cover as much or as little as you want it to. Try out a revealing, but well-designed, thong by California Muscle, designed with a front pouch that's big enough to handle your package but tight enough to make it look even bigger. This piece also features scandalously little butt coverage, and you're sure to have a night between the sheets to remember whenever you pull this one out of your drawer.

For men who prefer nylon underwear that offers better coverage, there are plenty of conservative styles to choose from.

Manufacturers like Gregg Homme, Joe Snyder and many more use this luxurious synthetic fabric to add a touch of comfort and softness to classic boxer brief designs. These products are versatile and comfortable enough for everyday wear, and some guys swear by them for working out, since they're stretchable and hardly noticeable when they're on.

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