Mens Long Underwear

Heat up cold winter nights with men's long underwear. Even though it offers a lot more body coverage than most intimate apparel, it still provides plenty of definition in leg and butt muscles and spreads tight over that all-important crotch bulge. You'll find plenty of loose-fitting and tight-fitting styles to choose from.

Men who like to wear long underwear that isn't restrictive will love the look and feel of Triple XXX products. Fashioned from a mixture of cotton and Lycra, Triple XXX long underwear is yielding enough for active wear, yet sexy enough to wear with confidence in the bedroom.

If you're the kind of guy who prides himself on being the total package, strut your stuff in a pair of Steven boxers. Although these boxers are plain in the back, men love the added touch of the front pouch that gives them a place to put their best bits on display while taking full advantage of the form-hugging, comfortable fabric.

Men's Long Underwear and Much More

In addition to long underwear, men can choose from a range of products that offer full coverage, including:

Athletic wear
Muscle shirts
Lounge wear

These products are specially designed to hug your muscles, so you look hot even though you're all covered up. Nuwear carries a complete selection of the hottest products available on the market, stocking all the latest fashion in intimate apparel for guys, so you'll look great both inside and outside the bedroom.

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