Mens Leather Underwear

There's nothing that makes a sexy statement quite like men's leather underwear. An essential part of any daring man's underwear collection, leather intimate apparel hugs your form like no other material can. Socially conscious designers even offer underwear for men that's made of microfibers that are specially treated to achieve a look, feel and finish that's like leather but contains no animal products.

Men's leather underwear comes in an assortment of styles that can be worn as-is or with the added enhancement of a jockstrap, G-string or bikini briefs beneath. Men love the versatility of these products, as they can double as outerwear for those occasions when a little daring is appropriate.

Dotted with tantalizing touches like drawstring crotch pouches, metal studs and waistband rings, you can get a lot of bang for your buck with these styles of underwear.

You can also add matching accessories to your collection to create a coordinated look that your partner will love and reward you for. Many intimate apparel manufacturers also produce bracelets and wristbands that you can wear to give others a hint of what you've got on underneath. If you're lucky, you'll have plenty of offers from people who want to find out.

Men's Leather Underwear and Much More

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