Mens Exotic Underwear

Nothing sets the tone quite like men's exotic underwear, and with the multitude of patterns and styles you have to choose from, you're sure to find a way to express your wild side--no matter what you might be into.

Men's exotic underwear puts the science of microfibers to work for a great cause: making you look good. Luxurious synthetic fabrics stretch and bend to your every contour, showing off sculpted abs, tight butts and, of course, your main attraction. To thrust your member even deeper into the limelight, you can even get men's exotic underwear that adds a bit of padding and lift to your manliest of manly bulges.

Leading Specialty Brands of Men's Exotic Underwear

Look for men's exotic underwear from brand names you might not find in a lot of department stores, but that have a great reputation for quality:

Go Softwear
Punto Blanco
Joe Snyder
Gregg Homme
N2N Bodywear
Ginch Gonch

Get wild. Get crazy. Let your inner devil shine in a pair of Spandex boxer briefs or a male G-string with a transparent mesh crotch. Show your partner what a crazy time is minutes ahead with a vibrant, colorful and bold pattern that expresses exactly what you've got on your mind--and in your pants.

You won't find the products featured at Nuwear on many department store shelves--they're too wild and crazy for most tastes. Nuwear makes it easy for guys who like to indulge their inner showoffs to enjoy great deals on featured products every day of the week and stay on top of the latest trends in men's fashion intimate apparel.

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