Mens Briefs

New men's briefs styles make it easy to turn up the heat--hundreds of exciting new designs made for comfort and raw sex appeal are available at specialty retailers.

You'll find everything from classic solid-color briefs with a modern stylistic edge to loud prints and designs that make a big statement.

For men who like to make no secret of their best assets, underwear styles that enhance the size and firmness of the crotch make a stimulating addition to any intimate apparel collection. Men's sling briefs help you pocket your loaded gun in style, and you can even opt to add a little transparency by picking up nylon-spandex mesh underwear. Special enhancing underwear that gives you a helpful little boost where you want the most attention are also popular with guys who like to push the envelope.

Lots of men enjoy the look and feel of the low-rise brief style, which hugs the hips and shows off definition in your abs while providing your rear with some lift and sexy, tight-stretching lengths of fabric so comfortable you'll barely know you're wearing anything at all. The way these men's briefs look, they probably won't be on long.

Get the Best Selection of Men's Briefs

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