Mens Boxer Briefs

Men's boxer briefs are a classic, appealing style that emphasizes definition in the upper legs and butt muscles and the most male parts of your body. Today, designers make men's boxer briefs in a wide variety of sexy, provocative styles that preserve the classic look and comfort of this popular underwear but add touches of flair that make them wilder and more appealing.

Many men want boxer briefs with prints and patterns that are too racy for the department store, and specialty retailers stock a wide range of hot options that let you flaunt your stuff.

A product like the Steven Sensual Boxer turns everyday briefs into a provocative, slightly transparent pair of underwear that were made to be yanked off in the heat of the moment.

Men and women alike love the tight, form-fitting fabrics used to make these products. For a natural feel, choose a cotton-spandex or cotton-nylon blend, which combine the elasticity and cling of microfibers with the softness and versatility of cotton. Other styles use mostly synthetic fabrics to create a soft, slippery look that feels great against the skin and stretches nicely over your body.

An Incredible Selection of Men's Boxer Briefs

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