Mens Bikini

Men's bikinis come in two basic varieties: underwear and bathing suits. Bikini underwear is made for men who like to show off what they've got below the belt, featuring minimal fabric coverage over the crotch and thin waistbands that round into butt coverage.

Swim bikinis use a similar design, but are made from special water-resistant materials or natural-synthetic fabric blends that use an inside lining for support and comfort. Men can choose styles that best show off their beach-worthy attributes, and both underwear and swimwear that enhances the look and appeal of your erogenous zone is available if you want to get a little more daring in your fashion choices. Look for products from trusted brand-name designers like Priape, Steven, California Muscle, N2N and Joe Snyder, among others.

Trust Specialty Retailers for Men's Bikinis

Regular department and clothing stores already have a limited selection of standard intimate apparel and swimwear for guys, and their collections of provocative items like male bikinis is virtually non-existent. Online, you'll find retailers with hundreds of attractive options that let you get as wild as you want to be or remain more conservative while still looking good.

Nuwear offers its own line of male intimate apparel, and Nuwear's online superstore carries hundreds of other products from well-known brand names and designers. Shop from the privacy of your own home and enjoy an unbeatable selection of products priced to sell, as well as hot daily deals on featured products.

For the best selection of men's bikinis, you should always shop with a retailer that specializes in men's swimwear and intimate apparel.

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