Mens Bikini Underwear

Men's bikini underwear is a hot commodity. If you're looking for a racy way to add a little fun to your underwear drawer, bikini styles offer an ideal balance of bare-it-all sexiness and tasteful coverage.

For men who want intimate apparel specifically designed to enhance the appearance of toned ab muscles, well-oiled butts and handsome frontal packages, this is the way to go. Men's bikini underwear provides crotch coverage that's complete yet suggestive, with some products offering pouches or padding to enhance the effect even more. Designed to allow for maximum leg exposure while covering up your butt less than standard briefs but more than bare-all designs like the male G-string, this style lets you be sexy but tasteful and is versatile enough for everyday wear.

Leading Name Brands in Men's Bikini Underwear

Look for men's bikini underwear made by these leading manufacturers:

Punto Blanco
Joe Snyder

For the best selection, you should always look to specialty retailers whose sole business is supplying guys with cutting-edge, current intimate apparel and swimwear fashions. Department stores and even regular clothing stores have very limited product selections, and you're forced to work with whatever might be in stock.

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