Male Power Swimwear

Customers in the market for gag gifts for men who like to flaunt their bodies may consider the swimwear that is available from Male Power. While the adventurous recipients may embrace and don the gag gift, all will appreciate the gift giver's sense of humor.

Male Power offers a selection of novelty swimwear and underwear that is certain to elicit a laugh from everyone at the party.

Novelty Swimwear from Male Power

Male Power offers a selection of novelty swimwear that will suit different personalities.

Partners who want to show how much they care about the intended recipient but don't want to buy something that would be considered too mushy may opt for the Kiss My Heart bikini. Men who always walk with a certain swagger will appreciate the 4 Foot Hero bikini. In addition to letting them swing from side to side, partners can grab hold of the swimwear for a little fun. Those who are musically inclined (at least in their own eyes) may appreciate the Male Power Ding Dong bikini. This piece of swimwear features a bell at the end of the tip. To make it stand out even more, the bells hangs off of a red tip that contrasts with the black fabric.

On top of the novelty swimwear from Male Power, Nuwear also carries a wide variety of swimwear and underwear from men's fashion designers like N2N, Andrew Christian, and Rufskin. The company provides free shipping, as well as expedited shipping options so that customers can receive their orders in time for their parties or vacations.

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