Male Jockstraps

Mens jockstraps used to be designed primarily for outdoor sports. Their main purpose was to protect the most sensitive of mens equipment from getting caught up in the game. These days, however, mens jockstraps are also meant for the indoor variety of sports. They're now designed to enhance that very special equipment and bring more game onto the playing field.

Attention to Detail and Erotic Design Brings the Game to You

With Nuwear's attention to fashion, their selection ensures that your equipment is dressed for appeal and fitted for pleasure. Nuwear features jockstraps that were created with eye-pleasing enhancement features designed to inspire your partner to eagerly get the ball rolling. 

With any of their quality jockstraps, both your front package and backside are prominently featured and displayed. Comfortable straps lift and caress your apple-bottom cheeks. Alluringly, your cheeks are separated and supported for visual appeal and erotic inspiration. 

The front pouch is fashionably designed to display your winning cup. Some styles include subtle enhancements to visually and physically arouse and motivate your partner. There won't be any penalties handed out but there may be overtime called for in the bedroom.

Batter Up

Since jockstraps have become appreciated as more than just clubhouse gear, astute manufacturers have added distinctive, innovative features. One of the more provocative features is a front pouch that sports a lace-up opening. This engaging feature invites your partner to step up to the plate and discover for themselves what their eyes are imagining. Because package size is so prominently displayed and accentuated, the eager unveiling will amply satisfy the promise.

Nuwear Has You Covered

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