Low Rise Underwear

Low-rise underwear is a stylish and practical choice for guys who appreciate versatility. Popular thanks in part to trendy low-rise pants, this underwear offers hip-hugging comfort and a sexy look. Hundreds of colorful and creative prints and looks are available, and guys who like to show off will love the daring new designs being produced by today's progressive manufacturers.

A wide variety of low-rise underwear styles are available, including familiar shapes like briefs and boxer shorts, as well as more revealing and provocative products. Guys can add some flash to their packages with low-rise pouch underwear, which provides a helpful frontal boost, or more fetishistic products like the Gregg Homme Web.

Designers make everything from no-nonsense, single-tone garments to pieces with expressive prints and vibrant bursts of color. You'll find plenty of different fabric options available, whether you prefer natural fibers or the shine, gloss and silky feel of synthetics, but you'll have to shop at the right place. It's rare for department stores to offer a comprehensive selection, and they usually only carry a few brands and their inventories tend to be conservative.

If you have more daring tastes, you should shop with a specialty retailer that affords you the opportunity to get a little wild without spending a fortune.

An Excellent Selection of Low Rise Underwear

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