Low Rise Boxers

Low-rise boxers are an excellent complement to hip-hugging jeans and pants, and make a handsome addition to any underwear drawer. These sexy pieces come in prints ranging from the playful or exotic to the understated and classic.

Spice Things Up With Low-Rise Boxers

Today, many designers and intimate apparel manufacturers are blending natural fabrics with synthetic microfibers to achieve a unique look that fits your form and draws attention to the places you want it most. Cotton-spandex blends are very common in low-rise boxers, though men who prefer a more sheer finish or a fabric that's slippery yet soft can also opt for nylon-based products.

As sexy as they are comfortable, low-rise boxers are also designed to offer a little extra enhancement where you want it most. Hugging the buttocks like no other underwear, they also make a statement for guys looking for a little extra lift in the crotch.

Versatile enough for everyday wear yet daring enough to really add some spice to intimate moments, low-rise boxers are becoming increasingly popular with progressive guys who want more than just functionality out of their underwear. These styles score big points with both men and women for their sexiness, comfort and signature look.

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