Low Rise Briefs

Designers make exciting, provocative low-rise briefs that emphasize your masculinity while enhancing the appearance of your best bits. Low-rise briefs offer full coverage of your buttocks while providing a bit of enhancement to rocket your crotch to takeoff. Available in a wide variety of prints and styles that let you express your playful side, low-rise briefs score high points from guys who think functionality and practicality are as important as looking great.

Get Into a Pair of Low-Rise Briefs

Choose from a wide variety of styles, from semi-see-through mesh-sewn fabrics that tease and titillate to cuts that offer minimal frontal and rear coverage while still providing a tight but comfortable fit. Low-rise briefs are versatile enough for everyday wear yet sexy enough for intimate wear.

Whether you prefer the look and feel of natural fabrics or like the sheer, glossy smoothness of microfibers and synthetic blends, today's progressive underwear manufacturers provide a wide range of products to meet the growing and changing demands in the men's intimate apparel market.

Best of all, it doesn't cost a lot to add some style and splash to your underwear drawer. Today's designers offer provocative products that don't come with the kind of price tags you'd expect from specialty apparel.

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