Joe Snyder Bulge

Men who want to elicit positive responses in the bedroom or feel more confident about their sizes during the day can do so with the bulge underwear available from Joe Snyder. Joe Snyder offers bulge thongs, bikinis and boxers. The boxer design elevates men's goods, placing them in a more prominent location. In addition, the designs fit the body snugly. In contrast to most boxer shorts, this design provides significantly less coverage. Some guys who really want to draw attention to themselves choose to use Joe Snyder bulge boxers as swimsuits.

Choosing Between Joe Snyder Bulge Bikinis and Thongs

For an even bolder appearance, men can choose Joe Snyder bikinis and thongs. Both of these underwear styles provide visual enhancement by lifting men's equipment and pushing it forward. In contrast to the thong, though, the bulge bikini provides coverage across the rear.

Men can use these underwear styles to create a fuller look underneath any clothing they may be wearing, whether it is a suit to go into the office or casual attire for a night at a club.

Designs from Joe Snyder and other companies such as Gregg Homme, California Muscle and Tulio that push the limits of fashion in men's underwear are all available at Nuwear. In addition to the revealing underwear styles available from these companies, customers will also find more traditional designs such as trunks and briefs, letting them purchase underwear for virtually any occasion.

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