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The jockstrap has come a long way since it was invented in 1874. Its original design was to protect bicycle jockeys while riding cobblestone streets. It rapidly found a home with numerous sports and medical applications that ranged from support to protection. Support was provided much like a bra, with a fabric pouch keeping a man's intimate area safely contained. Protection was provided with the addition of an optional cup that guarded against any potential impact. These were more commonly known as athletic jockstraps.

Today the jockstrap still has a home with these applications but has expanded to include fashion and style. At Nuwear, this interests us. We're interested in fashion, style, and what works for you. We recognize that some of our customers have a need to ensure their most valuable assets are well protected. Why do jockstraps have to be the boring, flat-white product your father used to wear? They don't.

For this reason, we've assembled a generous offering of fashion-conscious jockstraps. While some of these jockstraps could be used as athletic jockstraps in sports that don't require a protective cup, all of them are designed as fashion jockstraps.

The traditional jockstrap design utilizes a waistband, open rear, and supportive pouch. This design has been faithfully preserved with the exception of one rather adventurous design called the Power Cyclops (manufactured by Male Power). The materials and physical design of all our jockstraps have been carefully integrated in a modern style.

A total of 13 manufacturer's products have been assembled into our collection of jockstraps. Six different fabrics are used in the manufacturing process, each designed for visual appeal and functional purpose. Cotton provides comfort and absorbency. Cotton is sometimes blended with polyester to provide wrinkle resistance. Rayon is occasionally blended to provide a visual sheen. Nylon is used due to its smooth texture and shiny finish. Some jockstraps use polyamide, which adds durability and strength. Finally, spandex is used for its superb elasticity and ability to stretch without distorting the fabric.

Each of these textiles are carefully selected and creatively crafted into each jockstrap. Jockstrap designs are offered in a broad range of styles. Some offer intriguing colors and textures. Others integrate creative design elements, such as zippers and cutouts. All of our styles are adventurous and unique. Browse our inventory and see for yourself. The menu on the left offers the ability to search by brand, color, material, price, and size.

At Nuwear, we don't see it as just a jockstrap. It's an article of clothing that deserves the same respect and attention as any other garment. The jockstrap has come a long way over the last 135 years. We're proud to offer you the most modern designs available today. Enjoy!