Jockey Men's Underwear

Jockey offers an extensive selection of men's underwear so men with different preferences can find exactly what they need. The styles available from Jockey include briefs and boxer briefs, with both designs offering men the support that they need. Unlike lower-quality pieces of men's underwear, though, the sleek pieces from Jockey are made with a blend of cotton, spandex and nylon that allows them to hug the body and draw attention to muscular definition. In addition to drawing attention to the right places, the blend also stays comfortable over the course of the day.

Sexy Styles of Men's Underwear from Jockey and Other Designers

In addition to the comfort that men's underwear from Jockey provides, the cut of the underwear lets guys show off as much as they want.

Jockey and other men's underwear designers have started to offer low-rise underwear, providing both support and an appealing style. Men who want to garner even more attention can find low-rise underwear and trunks that include prominent pouches and sling systems.

Jockey and other designers also offer boxer briefs and trunks in a range of styles, from solid colors to bold patterns.

At Nuwear, customers can browse through a wide variety of men's underwear from conservative styles like boxer briefs to provocative designs like thongs and jockstraps. The online store provides free shipping on large domestic orders, in addition to shipping to a number of countries outside of the United States.

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