Jockey Briefs

While many men may possess the notion that briefs are a stodgy style of underwear, companies like Jockey have taken the familiar design and made it more comfortable and stylish. In addition to offering the support of a brief, this fashionable underwear design helps to draw attention to chiseled bodies. The low rise briefs from Jockey have the additional advantage of lacking side seams, allowing men to stay comfortable throughout the day.

While briefs often sit high on the waist and do nothing to flatter the body, the low rise brief has gained in popularity by solving these problems.

Boxer Briefs from Jockey

Those who find Jockey briefs comfortable but want more coverage on some occasions may consider the boxer briefs that the design company offers. Jockey offers boxer briefs in two different lengths. The shorter style is ideal for men who are not particularly tall, as the compact design can create the appearance of a longer body. Men who are tall, though, may choose the longer design that comes down to the middle of the thigh. Both feature the same fabric and style of construction as the briefs from Jockey and will remain in place all day.

In addition to styles from Jockey, men can find a number of fun and sexy underwear designs to add variety to their underwear drawers. They can find trunks from companies like C-IN2, as well as thongs from designers like Gregg Homme. At Nuwear, men can find underwear to meet their personal tastes, whether they are looking for something provocative or pieces that are more traditional.

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