Jock Straps

Jock strap underwear combines a comfortable fit with quality fabrics and a big splash of daring to create a one-of-a-kind look that's simultaneously stimulating, sexy and fun. Check for products like the Priape laced football jock if you prefer underwear that adds a touch of design flair to a classic style. If you prefer something that's got a little more versatility for daily wear, try the Andrew Christian sports mesh jock strap. After all, there's just no telling when you might need to take your pants off.

Famous Names in Jock Straps

These garments feature lift enhancements that bring your best qualities to the forefront in a whole new way, while tying around the buttocks with sexy straps that hug your rear end with erotic promise.

Various manufacturers of jock straps bring different design qualities to these risque pieces, and some of the most prominent names on the market include:

California Muscle
Gregg Homme
JM Koton

If you want to take things a step further, you can also purchase designer bodysuits and active wear that provide the typical jock strap lift and enhancement in addition to practicality. These pieces are an ideal way to express yourself during workouts, at the gym or wherever else you might have occasion to wear them.

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