Jock Strap Underwear

Jock strap underwear combines just the right amount of support and enhancement with a wide variety of styles ranging from the understated to the outrageous. While men who are more conservative in their tastes but are looking to indulge their playful sides find products like the C-IN2 jock strap appealing, the sky is the limit when it comes to how far this underwear style can go. More elaborate pieces include fun and stimulating design elements like tie-up crotch openings and frontal zippers, and jock strap-style looks are even used on bodysuits and swimwear designed for men who aren't shy about showing the world what they're carrying in their pockets.

For guys who want to add a touch of tease to their jock strap underwear, semi-transparent sheer and mesh designs make a very popular option. These products are fashioned from luxurious and comfortable blends of cotton and synthetic microfibers to achieve a unique look that gently expands with the contours of your body to enhance definition and tone. Your partner won't be able to think about anything but getting home to bed when you don a pair of these titillating, frisky items.

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