Fashion Jockstraps

Designed for men with a strong sense of style, fashion jockstraps are all about the look and feel of attractive garments with minimal fuss. Style variations offer a wide range of selections to suit your mood and the statement you want to make when you've got the gear on or when it's cast aside. Your choices range from subtle and snazzy to bold and barely there. The choice to don a dapper look or slip into power-dressing mode is all yours. 

Instead of simply providing athletic support, fashion jockstraps go a step beyond. The design lines are structured to create a polished visual impression and to perfectly suit the environment where you'll be sporting the underwear. Bias-cut cloth, lock-stitch sewing, fabric inserts, strategic cutaways and other tricked-out tailoring techniques from the world of fashion show up in the modern variety of jockstraps.

When you pick out jeans or a jacket with the perfect dimensions to suit your body and image, getting the right cut is important. The same principle stands when you're buying fashion jockstraps. Browse Nuwear's items to choose a cut that highlights your assets, both coming and going. Then add some fun features to your must-have list, because trying out the newest, daring styles are affordable when you order online.

Men who like mesh netting -- and those who think they might -- can explore the possibilities with fashion jockstraps. Alternatively, savor the sensation of frontal peek-a-boo openings, butt-embracing straps and waistbands built for ultimate comfort. Flaunt fashion savvy with brilliant colors, muted colors, camouflage colors, solids or prints that complement the physique. Name-brand designs add a touch of class and clever details imprint a touch of audacity on the jockstraps built for adventure.

Although many fashion jockstraps are zesty and provocative, limiting their use to leisure-wear status isn't entirely necessary. Several styles provide rakish support and a protective layer of luxurious fabric between delicate skin and outerwear. Scan the Nuwear fashion products for a jockstrap to wear at work and one for traveling or an extra-special dinner party. The secret, sexy underwear provides an aura of enormous self-confidence and sets the tone for developing attractions.
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