Elite Underwear

Men and their partners who are searching for underwear will find a wide range of styles available from Elite. Going through their underwear collections, many men may find only basic styles such as briefs and boxers in solid colors or simple patterns like stripes or checkered designs. Elite offers a number of prints so that guys can add variety to their wardrobes. From boxers and boxer briefs to bikini and hip briefs, men can find styles that will flatter their body types.

Choosing the Right Style of Elite Underwear to Enhance a Body Type

Depending on a man's height and how toned his body is, he may want to show off different amounts of skin. The Elite Rio and Ibiza hip briefs sit very low on the waist, letting those who have spent hours in the gym chiseling their abdominal muscles show them off. While the Rio features a single white graphic set against the black fabric, the Ibiza is available in both black and white, with a design over the entire front of the underwear. Those who want to cover more of their legs while still retaining the support found typically in briefs will find what they are searching for in the boxer briefs from Elite.

Elite offers this style of underwear with striped patterns, contrasting solid colors, graphic designs and solid colors.

At Nuwear, customers will find many underwear styles from Elite, as well as other specialty designers including C-IN2 and Ginch Gonch. The company provides a number of shipping options within the United States, as well as to countries abroad.

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