Elite Boxers

Elite offers several styles of boxer briefs so that men can express their personal styles in comfortable underwear. Whether men are looking for a classic look in their boxer briefs or they want pieces with wild prints and unique designs, Elite has a number of styles available. For example, those searching for a simple boxer brief may consider the Athens from Elite. Constructed from a blend of cotton and nylon, which allows it to hug the body in all the right places, the Athens features longer legs than most other boxer shorts on the market. Available in both black and white, the shorts feature a large front pouch so that men can be sure that they will be comfortable during the day.

Other Styles of Boxer Briefs from Elite

While the Athens offers a basic look, Elite also has a number of styles that feature graphic prints and patterns.

The New York boxer brief from Elite features a number of eclectic images over the front and rear of the shorts, while the Boston features printing on the legs. Both the Dallas and Chicago boxer briefs from Elite incorporate striped designs. While the Chicago incorporates pastel colors, the Dallas uses dramatic black and white stripes. The Prague from Elite employs contrasting colors on the upper and lower portions of the boxer briefs, producing a bold statement. In addition to the underwear available from Elite, Nuwear maintains an extensive selection of underwear from more than 20 other brands. Men can choose among enticing designs from Gregg Homme, Joe Snyder, California Muscle and JM.

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