C-in2 Swimwear

In addition to offering a sexy selection of men's underwear, C-IN2 makes swimwear for guys who like to look hot at the beach. There are a number of styles that men may like, based on the amount of skin that they want to reveal. Some designs are similar to board shorts. These pieces of C-IN2 swimwear extend to around the knee and offer a loose fit. Men can choose among solid colors, as well as unique patterned prints.

Revealing Swimwear from C-IN2

Those who want to call more attention to themselves may consider the Smash from C-IN2. This piece of swimwear features a bold color along one side of the body, with a more subtle tone on the other side. In addition to hugging the body like C-IN2 briefs, the Smash swimsuit also includes the sling support system designed by C-IN2. The system lifts a guy's assets, placing them in a more prominent position to create an alluring visual that is perfect for a day spent on the beach or a night in some clubs. The sling support system is adjustable, so it can be used by men of all sizes without feeling too restrictive.

In addition to the swimwear that is available from C-IN2, there are also soft cotton shirts and underwear that men can change into after going swimming or walking along the beach in their swimwear.

Nuwear carries a large selection of items from C-IN2 and other swimwear designers, including Steven and N2N. In addition to swim briefs and board shorts, customers will find swimwear styles including thongs, bikinis and mid-cut suits.

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