C-in2 Briefs

C-IN2 brings a new level of sexiness to men's briefs, making them stand out from the plain white cotton underwear typically associated with the style. This differences start with the variety of colors and patterns in which C-IN2 offers men's briefs. In addition to colors including deep red, burnt orange, chartreuse and orange cream, men can also choose briefs that feature cubed and hatch designs. Men can also find low-rise styles that reveal as much skin as they may want to show in the bedroom.

Designs of C-IN2 Briefs

The no-show brief from C-IN2 put a new twist on classic men's briefs. Those who want to take it a step further may consider the designs from C-IN2 that include sling support. The contoured shape of the pouch works to accentuate men's endowments. In addition, the briefs are cut to draw attention to the abdominal region, letting men show off the fruits of their laborious workouts. Men who don't like briefs may prefer the square-cut trunks offered by C-IN2. Trunks are available in many of the same designs as briefs, including the popular no-show style.

With the sling support system, any guy can enhance his appearance without feeling as constricted as he might in briefs.

At Nuwear, in addition to a large selection of briefs from C-IN2, customers will also find underwear from Andrew Christian, Go Softwear, Jockey, Pulse and other designers. The company also carries a selection of athletic and loungewear, letting men add a number of stylish pieces to their wardrobes.

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