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Buy Jockstraps for a Variety of Purposes

Jockstraps are an important athletic garment that offers protection and support to the penis and testicles. They are made in different styles and from different materials so when buying one several options are available. Try them on and find one that is comfortable and works well. 

Most males first encounter the jockstrap in high school gym class or earlier when beginning contact sports. It is a basic part of athletic gear or the gym class outfit. Now there are jockstraps designed for running, swimming, and general purpose and full contact sports. There are also jockstraps for fashion (non-athletic purposes). 
A jockstrap is pulled up around the waist with the legs going throgh the elastic straps attached to the base and the waist band, the support pouch holds the male genitalia in place. The main purpose of jockstraps is to prevent the moving around of men's genitalia during athletic activity. Some athletes wear a cup with the jockstrap to protect the genitalia from injury. This cup maybe worn inside the pouch or inside a pocket fitted to the outside of the pouch of the jockstrap. The cup is made of hard material (usually plastic or fiberglass) designed to absorb the impact resulting from being struck in the groin area by a kick, punch or fast moving object. 

Jockstraps were first designed for bicycle riders in the late 1800s and were called jockey straps. The term jock or jockstrap as slang for athletes did not emerge until the late 50s or early 60s. These undergarments are essential for athletes, especially for those engaged in rough and vigorous sports like football, baseball, basketball and hockey. The jockstrap is necessary for the added protection of a cup which serious athletes wear for added protection of the groin area. Any athlete struck in the groin with an object like a hockey puck or baseball will be very glad they were wearing a cup as severe injury is very likely if not wearing one. They also protect against being punched or kicked by other players either by accident or on purpose. The jockstrap is necessary for the proper positioning of the cup. If the cup is not held in the proper position it will not serve its intended purpose and may cause pinching or obstruction of movement. The athlete will know very quickly when the cup is out of place and will need to stop and adjust it to the correct position. 
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