Bulge Underwear

Bulge underwear is a provocative, exciting intimate apparel choice for men who just can't seem to contain their joy. This daring design is features minimal covering of the legs and buttocks, positioning a sheer length of fabric over the crotch that allows men to let their bulges shine through--literally and figuratively. Mesh and see-through designs are commonly available, which leave little to the imagination and have even less to stop it from running wild.

Let It All Hang Out in Bulge Underwear

A range of specific underwear styles that emphasize the frontal qualities of the wearer are available, including jockstrap garments as well as bikinis, G-strings and thongs for men. Take bulge underwear even further by selecting a product that adds a body sling to the fun, accentuating the unmistakably male V-shaped torso, while drawing attention to the featured attraction.

Go even further by trying out a fun product like the Male Power Thumbcuff G-string, which makes a hilarious gift or whimsical addition to any couple's bedroom activities. This underwear features a one-size-fits-all guarantee, no matter how large (or small) your bulge may be.

Bulge underwear is usually made from synthetic microfibers, which are chosen to enhance the appearance of the male anatomy.

Before buying, make sure you don't have any allergies or sensitivities to the material the product is made of so you don't wind up with the kind of itch you can't scratch.

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