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Men's Board Shorts

The popularity of board shorts originated with surfers. Their aquatic origins resulted in the moniker “bordies” as slang due to their talent on the surfboard. The name became a tribute to the surfing community that popularized their fashion. Today, board shorts have become standard ware on many beaches around the world.

What made them appeal to the surfer set was their design. Made of a polyester, nylon, and/or a spandex blend, they are lightweight, comfortable, breath easily, and dry quickly. There is no elastic waistband. They are typically held up by a drawstring, and the waist is usually more rigid than that of other swim trunks. This ensures the suit isn’t pulled off if the surfer is yanked under a wave and tossed around. Board shorts may or may not contain a fly. The fly is usually made of Velcro or a faux fly.

Like squarecuts or trunks, board short leggings reach down to the thighs and terminate close to the knees. They can be baggy or they can be loose fitting. Their overall design is one that promotes movement without restriction.

Board Shorts Styles & Designs

At Nuwear, we specialize in Vuthy board shorts because of Vuthey’s innovative design and sporty style. Vuthy has been designing men’s ware since the 1980s. He expanded from men’s ware to Broadway plays, such as Camelot and Jesus Christ Superstar. Today, he produces a line of swimwear for vacationers and surfers alike, and we’re proud to offer them here.

Our Vuthy black pinstripe board shorts feature a coordinated design that offsets the waistband from the short. The waistband features a drawstring that ties above black fabric while wide stripes wrap around the waist and compliment the pin striping on the shorts. The swim shorts are chlorine resistant and come in small, medium, large, and extra large.

The Vuthy camouflage board shorts offer an above-the-knee cut and a colorful pattern that will play well on the beach or around the pool. The leg cuff and waistband provide a coordinated, black accent, and these shorts contain pockets for convenience.

Sporty in design and color, the Vuthy gray board shorts extend down to the knee to provide full-length coverage. The drawstring waistband and faux fly make for a classic board short design that is comfortable and stylish.

Nuwear strives to provide the most current styles and designs. Check back with us on a periodic basis to keep up with the latest styles and additions to our collection. With Nuwear, we’ll keep you covered in style.

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