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Having been crowned the single most popular bathing suit on the planet, the bikini has received unprecedented popularity worldwide. It wasn't always this popular. At the time of its modern unveiling in the 1940s, the inventor of the modern bikini, Louis Réard, had a difficult time locating a model to wear his new design. In fact, the name “bikini” was selected because Réard felt the new swimwear design would create as much of a shocked reaction as the atomic bomb. As a result, he named the bikini after the atomic bomb testing area, the Bikini Atoll.

The modern bikini of today has come a long way. Its traditional design has remained intact, and the bikini is used by men and woman alike. Men's bikinis consist of a slender-fitting brief, much like brief underwear. The rear of the brief may provide complete coverage or it may be a G-string or thong style that exposes the buttocks.

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