Bike Jockstraps

Jockstraps: Bike and More

When you think of jockstraps you probably envision the the version that protects a man's fortress during a full contact game of football, which is quite correct. However, the collection of jockstraps Nuwear has for sale incorporates both functional and aesthetic styles and brands.

Many of Nuwear's jockstraps are sleek, sexy and stylish. They are an alternative to briefs, as they hug the hips snugly while leaving the rear exposed. The straps fit securely around the waist and backside without digging into the skin and chafing. Nuwear jockstraps are comfortable and discreet when you wear your jeans over them, but at night they can be an enticing accessory for your playmate. 

Nuwear's jockstraps are available is a variety of distinct styles and colors. For a fun and funky look, the Joe Snyder brand features a jockstrap with horizontal rainbow striping over the pouch. Also by Joe Snyder is a unique and fashionable jockstrap that's covered in newspaper print detailing. Many multi-colored, flirty options are available by different brands, but if you want something more casual and traditional, Bike jockstraps are also available at Nuwear.

Jockstraps by Bike are a classic style with an innovative cotton blend that keeps you feeling comfortable, cool and refreshed. This jockstrap isn't just for show, it's designed to be functional and breathable under athletic wear. The fabric is durable and wicks moisture form the skin. It also keeps everything safely pulled in without the feeling of being restricted and uncomfortably bound up. In addition to being perfect for sports activities, it's also comfy for casual lounging.

Nuwear is dedicated to providing high quality underwear, outerwear, swimwear, accessories and more. All materials are strong, durable and guaranteed to provide you with comfort during long sessions of work or play. If you're looking for something unique for a loved one, Nuwear's jockstraps and other merchandise make wonderful gifts. And if you're worried about being discreet, there's no need to feel embarrassed when shopping for items of a sexy persuasion. Nuwear's online store gives shoppers optimum anonymity so that you can order that leopard print jockstrap you've been eyeing in secret. 
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