Big Men Underwear

For big men, underwear shopping isn't always easy, especially if you want to get creative and add some fun and daring items to your collection of intimate apparel. Finding underwear that's the right proportion to handle your handsome endowment or contain your big body requires shopping at a store that offers a wide selection of sizes and styles.

Matching Big Men With the Best Underwear

Men who agree that bigger is better can find underwear and swimwear styles that accentuate their physical gifts. Win the battle of the bulge with a style like the pouch thong, or dress to impress by choosing a pair of microfiber bikini briefs that accentuate what you're carrying in the rear as well as the front. Particularly big men often prefer garments that offer a palatable combination of containment, breathability and elasticity, so natural fibers like silk and cotton also make good choices that are pleasing both to the eye and the touch.

For men who want to get the rest of their bodies into the action, body suits or designs with shoulder straps are appealing options. These styles will score you bonus points with your partner for creativity, daring and boldness--and who knows just how you might be rewarded for your efforts.

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