Best Mens Underwear

For the widest selection of the best men's underwear created by the world's top designers of intimate apparel, shopping online is an easy and discreet way to indulge your imaginative side. Whether you prefer to add touches of splash, color and flair to classic boxer and brief styles or want to go all out with a provocative bodystring, you'll find a world of exciting products with a few clicks of your mouse.

Synthetic fabric blends that combine nylon with sensual microfibers make the best choice for men who want to combine a sheer shine finish with form-enhancing elasticity. These underwear styles are particularly popular with guys who have nothing to hide, emphasizing sensual forms that scream sex. Many of the world's best men's underwear designers have also responded to guys' calls for creative, playful intimate apparel by creating products that combine suggestive accessories like screwdrivers and tape measures with aggressive fabric cuts that enhance the most appealing parts of the male anatomy.

If you prefer a more conservative look but want to add some zing to your intimate apparel collection, there are plenty of boxers, boxer briefs and briefs that add emphatic, colorful patterns to a classic look.

An Outstanding Selection of the Best Men's Underwear

Sex and intimacy should be fun above all, and today's wide range of intimate apparel products for guys makes it easy to get creative without spending a fortune.

The Nuwear men's underwear and swimwear superstore offers one of the best selections of designer styles available anywhere online, featuring the world's most recognizable designers and a comprehensive selection of styles ranging from conservative to daring. Check the site regularly for special sales, closeouts and promotions.

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