Athletic Supporter Cup

Athletic Supporter Cup

Did you know that the first athletic supporter cup or “jockstrap” was invented nearly three centuries ago? Yep, the male anatomy hasn’t changed a bit since then. However, the athletic supporter cup has. The aim of a jock strap is to lift, support, and hold a man’s testes/scrotum next to his body, and a superfluity of support attire has come on the market to do just that. In this way nature has been fair, men have to deal with jock straps, and women have to deal with bras. 

- How and When is the Best Time To Wear an Athletic Supporter Cup 

A man’s “ornament” hangs by a pretty delicate thread. Any kind of trauma to this sensitive area can “have a man running home to mama.” This is why athletes such as hockey, soccer and football players wear hard cup support, while sports that necessitate running such as basketball or track athletes can get by with supporters without cups. An important point for men to remember is that layering is the means to support. Some athletes wear more than one pair of undergarments to get the support they require just right. For instance, a sportsperson might put on a pair of compression shorts beneath a hard cup and strap. There are numerous ways to mix the equation in order to get the right support comfort. Then again, there’s always sports briefs. These types of briefs are reinforced with an extra panel in the back. Actually sports briefs are the “chic” version of a regular athletic support cup. Online retailers like can certainly give gentlemen a lift where they most need it. They have a bevy of various athletic support cup styles for men to choose from, along with other fashionable under and outer wear just for men. 

- Purchasing An Athletic Support Cup

Okay, the bits are dangling and need to be tamed. Men must remember that “ a jockstrap must function as an fundamental part of their physical make-up.” If it isn’t fitted properly, there’s no use in wearing it. Much like a woman’s bra. If the bra isn’t going to hold the bits in place, what’s the use in putting it on? Jockstrap sizes are determine by the waistband. So if a guy is online shopping at a retailer such as, he must realize that “size does matter” but in the waist, on this occasion… sorry guys. 
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