Andrew Christian Underwear

Men can use Andrew Christian underwear to add more style to their collections. Rather than choosing underwear in plain colors or patterns that do little to flatter the body, many of the styles available from Andrew Christian are intended to draw attention to men's physiques. From jockstraps to low-cut and bikini briefs, the company offers an extensive selection for fashionable men. Those who want to show more skin, as well as those who are searching for comfortable underwear styles, will find pieces in which they look and feel their best.

Stylish Underwear from Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian underwear is available in different cuts, as well as with different designs.

Men who prefer briefs may choose among a number of prints, including the Eagle Rock design, which includes graphics on the front and rear of the underwear. Andrew Christian also offers underwear that is a single color but is accentuated with small graphics.

The Lifeguard collection is inspired by the swimsuits that male lifeguards wear on the beach and is perfect for adding some variety to the bedroom.

Jockstraps are available with both solid fabrics and mesh fabrics, giving men a choice in how much they want to reveal.

At Nuwear, customers will find many pieces of sexy Andrew Christian apparel, including shirts, swimwear and underwear. The online store offers an extensive selection from more than 20 different brands, letting men with different tastes find the pieces that best match their styles.

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